Important Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

Why You need proper storage for your firearms

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

Any responsible gun owner will tell you that you need proper storage for your firearms, especially if you have small children. A gun safe is the perfect solution for storing your firearms, but will any safe do? In this article, we’ll talk about what factors you should consider when buying a gun safe.

Approximately 30 percent of Americans currently own a gun, and another 33 percent could see themselves owning one in the future.

If you’re part of either of these groups, it’s important to understand how to store your gun to protect it and keep it out of the hands of people who shouldn’t be using it. The first step to doing this is making sure you have a high-quality gun safe.

There are tons of gun safes on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Listed below are some tips that will help you choose the right gun safe for you and your family.

Gun Safety Using Gun Safe

Why is a Gun Safe Important?

If you’re going to own a gun, it’s important to also own a gun safe. There are lots of benefits that come with owning one, including the following:

Theft Protection

A good safe will feature a secure locking system and be made of durable material to prevent theft.

Protecting your gun from theft will ensure it is where it’s supposed to be in the event that you need it. It will also keep your gun out of the hands of burglars and people who are not qualified or legally allowed to use it.

Guns are also expensive, and it’s important to keep them safe so that you don’t lose your investment.

Child Protection

Don’t assume that your hiding place under the bed or at the top of the closet is secure. Kids have a tendency of finding things no matter how well we think we’ve hidden them.

Keep your children safe by making sure there’s no way they can get access to your guns. A locked safe is essential if you have children in your home, especially young children who don’t yet know how to handle a gun safely.

Fire Protection

In the event that your home catches fire, a gun safe will protect your gun from damage. A good safe will be able to withstand high heat and prevent fire damage.

Easy Access

Some people think it’s sufficient to just hide their gun somewhere in the house where it’s out of sight and out of reach. This isn’t the best approach if you ever need to quickly access it, though.

Keep your gun in a locked safe so that, in the event that someone breaks in, you know exactly where to go to retrieve it.

Protect Other Valuables

Gun safes aren’t just useful for storing guns. They’re also a safe place to store valuables like jewelry, cash, spare keys, and important documents.

Legal Compliance

Some states have very specific laws regarding weapon storage to protect children from accessing weapons.

Keeping your guns in a safe will help you comply with these laws and make sure your gun doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Insurance Requirements

Most insurance providers require you to store your gun properly in order to be fully covered. Check with your insurance company to find out what their exact requirements are.

Some insurers also offer a discount if you own a gun safe.

Avoid Lawsuits

If your gun is not stored properly and it gets lost or stolen, you could be held responsible in the event that the thief uses it to carry out a criminal act.

Keeping your gun in a properly locked safe will help protect you from this situation.

Tax Rebates

Who doesn’t want to save money on their taxes? Many states off tax credits for those who purchase a gun safe.

How to Choose the Right Gun Safe

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to own a gun safe. But, how do you choose the right one?

Some guidelines to keep in mind when choosing your safe include:

Consider Your Needs

First, think about the number of firearms you own and how much space you need to store them. Consider whether or not you’re going to keep other items in the safe as well. Then, figure out where you’re going to keep your safe.

For most people, a small safe that fits in the closet or garage will do just fine. However, you should also make sure there’s some extra room in case your collection grows. That way, you don’t have to go out and buy a new safe every time you buy a new firearm.

Pay Attention to Material

The material a safe is made of definitely matters.

Most people agree that the best material for a gun safe is steel. Look for a minimum of 10 gauge steel to make sure your safe can withstand the force of common power tools.

You should also make sure your safe has a good fire rating. Generally, a fire rating of at least 60 minutes at 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient.

Choose a Trusted Brand

Make sure you buy your safe from a manufacturer with good brand recognition and a good reputation. Make sure it comes with a good warranty, too.

Choose the Right Locking Mechanism

There are tons of different locking mechanisms to choose from. Some use a simple lock and key, others have a passcode or dial combination. You can even buy ones that rely on facial or voice recognition.

There’s no one “best” locking mechanism. Choose whichever one makes sense for you.

Make Sure It Can Be Secured

Finally, it’s also a good idea to make sure your safe can be secured to the floor or a wall.

This isn’t a necessity, and, if you’re renting, this might not be an option at all. But, if you own your home, bolting the safe to the floor or wall provides an extra layer of security. It’s also less likely to be tipped over this way.

Buy a Gun Safe Today

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into buying the right gun safe. But, shopping for one doesn’t have to be a stressful or difficult process.

With the help of our buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect safe for your guns and other valuables in no time. Check it out today!

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