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    TopRatedGunSafes.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Pages on this site may include affiliate links to Amazon and its affiliate sites on which the owner of this website will make […] More

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    Important Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

    gun-safe knowledge

    Important Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe Important Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe Any responsible gun owner will tell you that you need proper storage for your firearms, especially if you have small children. A gun safe is the perfect solution for storing your firearms, but will any safe do? […] More

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    Parent’s Ultimate Guide to Safe Firearm Storage


    Gunfire kills or injures more than 7,000 American children each year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This staggering number can be attributed to children having access to weapons without the emotional, social and physical maturity to control a gun. The news is filled with stories of one child accidentally shooting another. […] More

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    The Best Hunting Rifle Scopes

    For hunters, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as a scope that needs to be dialed in after every other shot. The one moment it’s on-target, and the next moment you’re shooting so far off that you begin to question your vision. Hunting rifle scopes have a certain reputation that it needs to live up to. […] More

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    Top AR-15 Optics That You Can Buy

    If you’re a gun owner and hit the range on a regular basis, then having the right equipment is a big necessity. That is unless you like to keep things simple and shoot with open sights — which is often a whole lot of fun. For those who take their shooting seriously, and those who want […] More

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    5 Best Rifle Cases For All Occasions

    Many gun owners don’t have a safe means of transporting their firearms. When at home, there’s a safe to securely keep their guns locked up. But if a gun needs to be transported for whatever reason, then it might just get wrapped up in a blanket and put in the trunk of a car, at […] More

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    Steelwater Gun Safes Review

    two steelwater gun safes

    You can always rest assured when buying a Steelwater gun safe. Steelwater is known to produce some of the finest gun safes in the business, and their reputation speaks for itself. This is because the owner and designer of Steelwater Gun Safes has been working in the security for all his life. Servicing, repairing and […] More

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    GunBox Biometric Handgun Safe Review

    GunBox Biometric Handgun Safe Review If you own a handgun, it is your responsibility to keep it away from children and unauthorized access. A handgun safe is a must if you store your guns at your bedside or carry them with you. While there are many handgun safes present on the market, most of them […] More

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    The Best Gun Safe Under $1,000

    a split image of the best gun safe under 1000

    Finding a gun safe that does everything you need it to do for a good price doesn’t come around very often. If you’re looking for a gun safe that has the highest UL ratings and storage space large enough to fit a family of four, then you’re going to have to pay a little more […] More

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    Liberty Gun Safe Reviews

    Liberty Gun Safes Liberty is the largest manufacturers of gun safes in America. They’re also the number one sellers of residential safes in the US. Liberty Safes has two sister brands; Centurion and National Security. Liberty Safes was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Payson, Utah. Liberty employs around 500 people. This brand is arguably […] More

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    Best Fireproof Gun Safes That Are Affordable

    Despite the safety that gun safes offer to whatever is being kept inside (we’re guessing mostly guns and one or two valuable items), they may not all offer security against the elements, which in this case, is fire. In the event of a house fire breaking out, having a fireproof gun safe would be highly […] More

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    Best Home Safes Reviews

    Best Home Safes Reviews A safe in every home is a must. Home safes provide safety against unauthorized access. It is an incredibly effective way of keeping children and burglars away while and your valuables from fires and floods. There are many kinds of things you could store in your safe. You can keep your firearms, […] More

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